ATTENTION: For Those Leaders who are serious about Taking Your Team, business or Organization to the next level...
How would you like to
Learn How to "Pandemic-Proof" your Organization, Business, and Life Holistically From 15 industry leaders??
For the past 7 years leaders of teams, businesses and organizations from around the world gather in Atlanta, Georgia to immerse themselves into an environment created to inspire, motivate and empower them to tap into the true power and potential they have within to lead their teams and organizations with excellence


Earlier this year the entire globe was forced into a standstill due to COVID 19

We all have been forced to adapt and reinvent ourselves and our organizations to survive. Some businesses and organizations have been successful, some have yet to find their footing but still in the fight, while millions of businesses and organizations had to close their doors forever.

In light of the current climate of our world and the new problems that leaders in every industry share we at iCreate wanted to dedicate our 7th Annual Power of One Conference to helping leaders like you navigate these waters successfully.

We approached it from a totally different angle than we've ever done before in response to COVID 19...and after careful consideration we decided to make this year's event our first EVER virtual conference called:
We've had over 800 people attend this event, and the success stories from those who attended have been amazing...

They loved the strategies...

The connections they made…

The powerful stories that were shared from other leaders…

And the motivational BOOST to secure and take their lives, businesses and organizations to the next level!

But something happened this year that none of us could have planned for…

It's literally effected everyone SO much, that we’ve all been constantly getting hounded with the same question…

How Do I Take My Life, Team, Business, or Organization
To The Next Level During This Pandemic??

So... we pulled all the stops to ensure that the Power of One Virtual Conference would address the demand!

Right now, more than ever, we need the right tools...strategies…resources…connections...and the motivation to secure and take our lives, businesses and organizations to the next level...right?

But for many of us, these uncertain times have FORCED a lack of movement, travel, networking and growth in our personal lives and our businesses…

And for so many entrepreneurs and leaders, the last 9 months have been super difficult…

It’s caused all types of problems, most of which we had NO control over!

It seems like the ONLY thing we can control is how we react.

How We React Is Determined By What We Know...Right?

We Need To Know:

  • How to ADJUST our lives and companies to the new economy
  • How to effectively lead a VIRTUAL TEAM on a tight budget
  • How to find our VOICE, and get our message of the things we’re most passionate about out to the world...
  • ​How to build deeper RELATIONSHIPS with our audience
  • ​How to SELL more of our products and services

You'll Learn All That and More At The
2020 Power of One VIRTUAL Conference!!

What Exactly Is
The Power of One
VIRTUAL Conference?

The Power of One Virtual Conference was a 2-day immersive conference that we streamed from our offices here in Atlanta, Georgia fall of 2020.
We hand-selected a lineup of some of the top leaders, coaches, and entrepreneurs from around the world that have been making MAJOR strides in their businesses, organizations and in their personal lives during the COVID 19 pandemic.
Some Of The People You Will Learn From During This Event:

Geoffrey Ingram - Founder
Entrepreneur | Author | International Speaker | Master Life Coach
CEO - iCreate Inc. International

Qshebra Taylor - Hostess
Transformational and Motivational Speaker  Author
CEO - A.L.L. V.I.S.I.O.N.S. Enterprise, LLC

Dr. Rashad Richey

Educator | Emmy Nominated Media Personality
Editor In Chief -
Rolling Out Magazine

Destiny Inspire

Coach | Author | Empowerment Speaker
CEO - Destiny Inspire, LLC

Dr. Robert Watkins

Entrepreneur | Best Selling Author | International Speaker
CEO - Conquer Worldwide

Dr. Fiyah Oates

Psychologist | Educator
Co-Founder -
Transcendent Life Coaching Institute

Dr. Sherry Gaither

Pastor | Educator
Master Coach | Author
President - Empowerment Network International

Dr. Jerome Maultsby

Psychologist | Educator
Co-Founder -
Transcendent Life Coaching Institute

Karena Dykes
"KD- The Extension"

Entrepreneur | Strategist
Certified Grants Specialist
Founder - My Imagination LLC

Elisha Sumo

Producer | Consultant
CEO - UpwardNow

Dovev Weaver

Entrepreneur | Coach Author | Motivational Speaker
CEO - Closer to Our Dreams LLC

Rachael Wolff

Transformational Coach | Author | Speaker | Blogger

Almando Rigby

Director of Housekeeping
John Maxwell Certified Speaker | Coach | Trainer
Co-Founder/Director - Hope Foundation

Duquesa Dean

Corporate Trainer
John Maxwell Certified Speaker | Coach | Trainer | Author | Mentor

Dr. Iria Abram

Entrepreneur | Educator | Consultant
CEO - Ephriam House, mPWR Network

Marilyn Johnson

Entrepreneur | Designer | Developer | Trainer

Tanaya Rogers

Certified Personal Trainer | Real Estate Agent | Coach

Jordan Ingram

Entrepreneur | Motivational Speaker

You'll Also Get Access To The Power of One Youth Summit!!

We've assembled some of the most successful YOUNG business leaders to come share some of the tools, tips and strategies they're using to build their "Pandemic Proof" enterprises in the midst of this pandemic!!

We have award winning journalists, authors, coaches, investors, photographers, chefs from around the country gathering on our virtual platform to inspire and motivate you and your students to start creating reality!

You'll also be able to meet some of the amazing student leaders that have been a part of our Power of One Student Leadership Program!
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